How to Scottish Ceilidh [Infographic]

The party season is upon us with Christmas and Hogmanay only weeks away and with that comes an abundance of ceilidh dances. The Jiggers are a Scottish ceilidh band who are in high demand at this time of year.

To make sure everyone is up to scratch with how to ceilidh dance, we created this infographic which gives you the basic guide to the best ceilidh dances.

Ceilidh Infographic

Key Takeaways:

The Gay Gordons, a ceilidh dance with low mortality statistics [tweet this].

6 people do a lot of spinning,stomping and yelling in the Dashing White Sergeant [tweet this].

Strip the Willow involves four couples and two lines of a spinning frenzy [tweet this].

Virginia Reel has an american line dancing feel with a liberal dose of hollerin’, rootin’ [tweet this].

Eightsome Reel verges into Scottish country dance territory and requires some focus  [tweet this].


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