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OUR “OVERNIGHT” POLICY The Jiggers perform at a large number of weddings and events every year. During the busy seasons in particular, musicians are often expected to play late finishes, pack up and then drive a long way home, several nights in a row. Therefore, in the interests of health and safety, it’s our policy to ask our clients to … Continued

Covers Line-Up – More info

Quickly becoming one of our most popular choices is the 5 piece covers line-up. Clients opt for this when they want an authentic ceilidh band (not just a tacked-on ceilidh set, like most wedding bands do), but also a variety of classic tunes performed live, to cater to all tastes. Here’s a little bit more information about how we do … Continued

Our Privacy Policy

The Jiggers Ceilidh Band is a trading name of Big Day Music Ltd, a company registered in Scotland, UK. We provide musicians for weddings and other events. When you use the contact form on our website, we will log the data you provide, and process it securely in our system for our core business purposes, which may include: 1. To … Continued

Venue Review: Houstoun House, Livingston

Macdonald Houstoun House We come to a favourite venue of the Jiggers – Macdonald Houstoun House! Location It is in quite a nice secluded spot near Livingston just west of Edinburgh, and has acres of woodland around it. Quirky Features Houstoun House’s historical claim-to-fame is that they were visited by Mary Queen of Scots, so it’s a fairly historic building! It’s … Continued

Venue Review: Dundas Castle, by South Queensferry

Dundas Castle The Jiggers are a regular choice for weddings at Dundas Castle. Location Dundas Castle has been transformed into a 5-star ‘Exclusive Use’ venue and is secluded in its own vast estate by South Queensferry, just west of Edinburgh. Quirky features The Castle is made up of 3 main buildings: The Auld Keep (built in 1416 for the purpose of … Continued

Venue Review: Mar Hall

Mar Hall This luxury golf resort has played host to the Jiggers many times since it opened for events a few years ago. Location It’s near Bishopton, a short distance from Glasgow, in its vast acreage of woodland estate. Easy access just off the M8. Quirky Features It’s a huge Victorian Scottish Mansion, and has great views overlooking the River Clyde and … Continued

Venue Review: The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh

The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh The Jiggers have played at the Royal College of Surgeons many times for both weddings and corporate events. Location The Royal College of Surgeons is in Edinburgh’s Old Town and is one of the oldest surgical corporations in the world, having been given the Seal of Cause in 1505. We have no idea what … Continued

Venue Review: Macdonald Crutherland House

Macdonald Crutherland House The Crutherland is another venue where the Jiggers perform a lot. Location It’s just by East Kilbride, south-east of Glasgow, and has 37 acres of countryside around it. Quirky Features Built in 1705 as a manor-house, there are lovely gardens for wedding photographs, and the rooms and bar area are all very comfortable. What makes it a good venue? … Continued

Venue Review: The Signet Library, Edinburgh

The Signet Library The Jiggers have played at the Signet Library many times for both weddings and corporate events. Location The Signet is right in the heart of the historic Old Town, just a stone’s throw from St Giles’ Cathedral. St Giles’ Cathedral has nevertheless requested that you don’t throw stones at it, as its windows are expensive… Quirky features It’s … Continued